Code of Conduct

1. Coaches should always show respect for the competitive facility in which they are competing and are responsible to ensure their athletes abide by all rules of the host institution.  This includes deck changing, which is strictly prohibited.

2. Coaches should conduct themselves in a manner that brings respect to their institution and the conference, understanding their responsibility as an educator and a role model for their athletes.

3. Coaches may discuss calls with officials in a respectful manner at the appropriate time. Discussions with officials after a game should take place in a location removed from spectators and players. 

4. Coaches are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship, adhering to the tenets of the CWPA Sportsmanship statement in its entirety. At no time may coaches publicly criticize officials.

 5. Coaches should maintain a professional demeanor in appearance, abiding by the dress code: collared shirt, shoes or sandals, pants or shorts (no jeans or T-shirts).

 6. Coaches are prohibited from all forms of illegal gambling and from making wagers on the sport of water polo and other collegiate sports.

7. All Individuals associated with the CWPA, including coaches, athletes, and officials, shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with protecting the integrity of the CWPA. Any person involved in activity, unlawful or otherwise, which in the discretion of the Commissioner is deemed to bring disrespect or otherwise adversely affect the integrity and reputation of the CWPA or the member teams may suffer disciplinary action, suspension, or expulsion from the organization. 

8. Any person officially charged with a crime will be removed from direct involvement with the CWPA until such time the matter is resolved, at which point the Commissioner in consultation with the Board of Directors may determine a course of action.


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