The CWPA searches area hotels to get the best combination of price, location and services by balancing cost per night with other factors. For example, a team may be able to stay cheaper 30 minutes from a school, but that is generally not desirable. Our basic parameters include:

  • Distance: Within 20 minutes-preferably closer
  • Cost: Totally dependent upon location. However, lower end of price range is desirable
  • Property: Middle of the road quality unless cost is similar.
  • Amenities: We look for free breakfast, complimentary rollaways
  • Complimentary rooms: When possible, we try to get free rooms for officials to keep costs lower for teams

To book your hotel click on the appropriate link on the left side of the screen (ie. 2013 Men's Hotels). Find the location that you need hotel rooms at. Click the link "Book Here." This will open a new window, where you can securely request rooms and pay with a credit card.

*** Please do not call the hotels directly. You must click the link "Book Here" and fill out the appropriate information to get the special CWPA pricing ***

What is a cutoff date?

This is the date that a hotel will release the rooms we have reserved to the general public.
If you fail to hold your rooms with a credit card prior to this date, you may end up paying more or staying somewhere else.

How should I handle events that I have not yet qualified for like the National Championship?

Make your reservations if you think you have a reasonable chance of qualifying. You can always cancel later.

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