Collegiate Water Polo Association Members Dominate Princeton Review's List of "Dream Colleges"

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

PRINCETON, N.J. -- The Princeton Review, one of the nation's best known education services companies, has released the results of a survey regarding students and parents "dream colleges" if acceptance and/or costs were not an issue.

Part of Princeton Review's annual College Hopes and Worries Survey of college applicants and parents of applicants, the findings for the survey are based on responses from 12,185 people: 8,219 college applicants and 3,966 parents of applicants.   They came from across America, representing all 50 states and DC. Some replied from countries abroad. 

In their answers to the fill-in-the-blank question, respondents wrote in the names of more than 585 colleges, universities and other post-secondary institutions as their "dream colleges" (with some schools being named by only one respondent and others being named by more than 500 respondents as their "dream college".

Among student responses, Stanford University is the top choice, with Harvard University, New York University, Princeton University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale University, the University of California-Los Angeles, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Southern California and the University of California-Berkeley ranking at No. 2-9, respectively.

Parents favored Harvard as their top choice, with Stanford, Princeton, MIT, Yale, Duke University, Brown University, NYU, the University of Notre Dame and Northwestern University following in order.

Each institution is a member of the Collegiate Water Polo Association with Harvard (men/women), MIT (men), Brown (men/women) and Princeton (men/women) fielding varsity teams. Only four varsity institions were top choices of both student and partents with Harvard, Princeton and MIT joining Mountain Pacific Sports Federation member Stanford.

In addititon, the remaining selected institutions each sponsor at least one collegiate club program in the CWPA as Stanford (men/women), NYU (men/women), MIT (women), Yale (men/women), UCLA (men/women), Pennsylvania (men/women), USC (men/women), California (men/women), Duke (men/women), Notre Dame (men/women) and Northwestern (men) each garnered notice on the exclusive list.

Rank Top 10 Student "Dream Colleges" Top 10 Parent Dream Colleges
1. Stanford University Harvard University
2. Harvard University Stanford University
3. New York University Princeton University
4. Princeton University Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Yale University
6. Yale University Duke University
7. University of California-Los Angeles Brown University
8. University of Pennsylvania New York University
9. University of Southern California University of Notre Dame
10. University of California-Berkeley Northwestern University

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