April 24, 2011

Information for 2011 Junior Pan America Games Released

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Information for the 2011 Pan America Games was released today for the championships on August 3-14 in Puerto Rico.



There can be a maximum of 12 teams in each category, men and women, representing the four zones of the Americas.  Teams will be composed of athletes born in 1994 or later.  The qualifying teams for Junior Pan American Championship will be: the first three teams on the standing from the previous Championships; the host team; one team from each zone; and teams selected by a rotation between Zone II and Zone I (in that order) until the maximum of 12 teams is achieved.  Teams from Canada, United States, and Brasil in women, and Canada, United States and Brasil in men have already qualified due to their standing in the last Junior Pan American Championships held in Florida, United States of America.

The teams qualifying for these Championships are as follows;


Men:            Brasil and four teams to be nominated by CONSANAT

Women:       Brasil and four teams to be nominated by CONSANAT


Men:            Puerto Rico and four teams to be nominated by CCCAN

Women:       Puerto Rico and four teams to be nominated by CCCAN


Men:            UNITED STATES

Women:       UNITED STATES


Men:            CANADA

Women:       CANADA

These Championships are classification tournaments for the Junior World Championships to be held in 2012 for both men and women.  Number of teams qualifying for the Junior World Championships will be determined by FINA rules:  the current number is four or five (4 or 5) men and four (4) women, but of course, this is subject to change by FINA.


The schedule of activities for these Championships from August 4 -August 13, 2011 is the following:

Thursday, August 4               Arrival of Teams Delegations

Friday, August 5            Scheduled team practices

  • 2:00 pm    U.A.N.A. TWPC Meeting
  • 6:00 pm    Technical Congress
  • 8:00 pm    Referees Clinic                                

Saturday August 6        Qualification games in both categories

Sunday, August 7         Qualification games in both categories

Monday, August 8         Qualification games in both categories

Tuesday, August 9        Qualification games in both categories

Wednesday, August 10 Qualification games in both categories

Thursday, August 11     Semifinal games in both categories

Friday, August 12          Final games in both categories

                                     Awards & Closing Ceremonies

Saturday, August 13    Departures of Team Delegations

The final competition schedule for both categories, men and women, shall be determined by the number of participating teams and will be prepared at the Technical Congress to be held at 6:00 pm on August 5, 2011 on the facilities designated by the Organizing Committee.  All team’s delegates and referees must be present at the Technical Congress.


The Organizing Committee will guarantee room and board to a maximum of 18 persons for each team delegation in categories, men and women.  Each delegation shall consist of 13 players and 5 supporting personnel, out of which one must be a referee.

Each delegation must comply with the required room and board fees as specified in section VIII of this Summons.

All delegations must make all the necessary arrangements for the arrival in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The Organizing Committee shall provide ground transportation from the Luis Muñoz Martin International Airport (SIU) to the hotel and returning. 


All teams must be properly registered before May 15, 2011, by sending the numerical entry for the categories (men and/or women) in which they will participate and the remaining number of the supporting personnel for the delegation (see Annex “A”).

The final submission of the following documents must occur before July 1, 2011:

(a) Team rosters with cap numbers and the required information in the registration form (see Annex “B”)

(b) Arrival and departure information (see annex “C”)

(c) Individual information with two photographs of each delegation member (see Annex “D”).

(d) Team photograph for the program.

All mailings must be sent to the following address:

Original to:                         

Jorge Torres – Director Water Polo Technical Committee
Email: jrpanamericano2011pr@gmail.com
Phone: 1-787-505-4153
FAX:  1-787-250-1901

  Copy to:   

Eldon Godfrey - President of U.A.N.A.
Email: ecg@godfrey-godfrey.ca
Phone: 1-403-681-5693/288-5693
FAX:  1-403-270-3094


William J. Shaw – U.A.N.A. Executive Committee
Email: bshaw@mcdougallgauley.com
Phone: 1-306-665-5426
Fax: 1-306-652-1323

Those countries with final entries which later do not participate in the competition will be fined in the amount of $1,000 US dollars.  Each delegation is responsible for securing their required visas from the proper Government Institutions.


All U.A.N.A. affiliated Federations, regardless of their participation or not in these Championships, can send one referee to officiate in this tournament.  The submitted referees must be included in the Continental and/or FINA list.  Participating Federations must send at one referee per team - a maximum of two referees:  one for each registered team (men and/or women).  The U.A.N.A. Technical Committee can use them in any of the games and in any category, men or women.  The country that registers a team and does not bring a referee shall be fined one thousand dollars (US$1,000) in accordance with U.A.N.A. regulations.

San Juan Natatorium, San Juan Central Park, San Juan, Puerto Rico

The hotel for the teams are:

  • The Doubletree by Hilton Hotel
  • Radisson Ambassador Plaza Hotel San Juan

The hotel for the referees & delegates will be:

  • Sheraton Old San Juan

The Organizing Committee will provide ground transportation required for official delegations from the hotel to the venues from August 5 through August 13, 2011.


An electronic timing system will be utilized.  The official playing ball shall comply with all the requirements of FINA regulations.  All participating teams will be informed about the adopted system after the Organizing Committee receives the numerical entries.

Teams must bring their own playing caps for the games, in compliance with FINA regulations, and must also provide their own practice balls.  The Organizing Committee will provide official game balls.                                                                                                          


The official delegations from each visiting country participating in these Championships will pay the Organizing Committee an amount of $100.00 U.S. dollars per person per day.  Payment shall be made in United States dollars. 

Information as to the Bank Account to wire(bank transfer) your deposit is as follows:

Name of Bank: Banco Popular de Puerto Rico

Name of Account: Federacion Puertorriqueña de Natación Polo

Jr. Panamericano

Routing/Transit Number: 021502011

Swift Code: BPPRPRSX

Referees that are not members of any official delegation participating in these Championships must make arrangements with the Organizing Committee.  Referees that are members of official delegation will be required to stay separate from their teams.  They will be notified as to the location/costs of this accommodation.

Delegations arriving earlier than August 4, 2011, or departing after August 13, 2011, must make their own arrangements with the Organizing Committee.


If possible, there will be referees’ clinics prior and during the Championships.

FINA will sponsor the clinic and will nominate the lecturer.


For these Junior Pan American Championships one of the following formats will be used depending on the number of participating teams.

(a)  9 to 12 teams:

Two groups will be established (A and B).  The teams will be seeded according to the standing of the last Pan American Junior Championship.  Each group will play a single qualification round robin to establish a standing.  In the final round one semifinal game will be played between first place from group A and group B with the second place in group B and group A respectively.  The winners will play for the gold medal and losers for the bronze medal.

(b)  5 to 8 teams

A single qualification round robin will be played among all the teams.  In the final round, there will be semifinals games between teams in the first and fourth position and between teams in the second and third positions of the standing.  The winners will play for the gold and silver; the losers will play for the bronze.  The remaining final standings for position 5th to 8th will be decided in the same manner.

(c)  3 to 4 teams

A double round robin will be played among all teams.


There will be trophies for the teams in first three positions of the final standing of the Championships in each category; men and women.

All registered players in the teams arriving in the first three positions of the final standing of the Championships for each category (men and women), will receive medals in gold, silver and bronze colors.

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